Can I sell products using Drew + Jule designs?

All of my Seamless Patterns, Sublimation Designs, and PNG bundles include a limited license. Please read each listing carefully for the details of what the license includes!

If you require additional licensing, please reach out to me directly at drewandjule@gmail.com

Printables do not include a license, and may not be used commercially. If you would like to license a personal-use item, please contact me!


Why do the colors look different when I print my design?

There are a few different reasons why the printed design's coloring may look different than it appears on your monitor.....

First, images on a screen are displayed in a different color space than images in print – screens are able to display certain colors that printers can not always replicate. Additionally, screens emit light to display images, which inherently makes them brighter than printed images, which reflect light.

Colors may also appear differently from monitor to monitor (and may print differently from printer to printer) depending on the calibration of each individual device.

If you're using a printing vendor, it is also very important to make sure you are uploading your design in the correct color mode. Be sure to check if your printer suggests you provide your file in RGB or CMYK, and adjust your file accordingly.

Lastly, the colors will look different depending on what surface you are printing on (for example, designs will print different on different types of fabric). I highly suggest ordering samples, and working with your printing vendor to make your design look exactly how you want it!


Are sublimation designs able to be used as cutting files?

The sublimation designs are PNG files, not SVG files – they are not layered, or vector. It may be possible to convert these files into cutting files, but it is not guaranteed.


Do you offer custom designs?

I take on a limited number of customs and collabs! Please fill out this application if you are interested!